When lily benjamin and peter get locked in mr tods lair its up to owen to save them

it was a sunny day in the woods and peter lily and benjamin were going to mr mcgregors garden

peter i cant wait to eat those raddishes

lily me too but we better not get caught by mr mcgregor or his cat

benjamin if they do mr mcgregor will put us in a pie for sure

just then a white rabbit darts by

lily who was that?

benjamin your just imagining things lily

peter then sees the white rabbit hurry by

peter no i agree with lily i definantly saw someone

benjamin come on lets get those juicy raddishes

benjamin lily and peter squeeze under the gate but hear mr mcgregor

peter benjamin lily i just heard mr mcgergor hide

they all hide in a empty toolbox

mr mcgregor great no peasky rabbits in sight now to do some weeding

peter signals to get the raddishes

lily throws the raddishes over the wall to benjamin

soon the rabbits had done and were eating

peter delious raddishes ive ever tasted

??? Well well three juicy rabbits just for me

peter turns around and sees mr tod

peter hi mr tod how are you today

mr tod very well thank you peter very well indeed

mr tod then growls and puts a sack over them

peter hey mr tod let us out!

mr tod let me think no

mr tod walks off with the sack over the sholder

lily its ok boys ive got something

lily then whistles and it echos futher into the woods

owen what was that sounds like trouble

he then hides in grass

owen oh no mr tod

he ducks in a tree trunk

mr tod goes by humming merrily he then shuts the door of his lair

owen phew lets see what hes up to

mr tod three little rabbits for rabbit pie yum he licks his lips

he then turns to look in his book

owen sees the latch is unlocked on the window and gets in

he then jumps onto the table

peter helo anyone there?

owen hi my name is owen who are u

peter im peter me lily and benjamin have been captured by mr tod

lily will you help us owen please

owen ill try lily

owen then hides in a pot just as mr tod turns around

mr tod now let me get out my suppiles

he then goes and get them

owen quickly gets a knife lieing on the table and cuts a hole in the sack

lily gets out followed by peter then benjamin

owen just a sec guys let me teach that fox a lesson

owen then puts some stones in the sack and sows up the hole

just then mr tod comes back peter and owen hid in a pot and lily hides behind a piece of wood along with benjamin

mr tod now lets me have my rabbit pie

he opens the sack and finds stones mr tod was furious

mr tod drat ive been tricked by those rabbits

suddenly benjamin accedently knocks a spade that knocks some plant pots on the floor smashing them

mr tod aha i finally found my dinner

he then sees the four rabbits hiding and grabs owen

mr tod well rabbit pie is back on the menu

lily leave him alone you dumb fox or else

mr tod or else what

peter youll be sorry

mr tod trys to get peter but misses and hits his head on the spade

mr tod owww

he then puts owen in a jar and scews the lid shut

mr tod now escape that now he laughs

meanwhile lily was hiding near the jar

lily owen u ok?

owen yeah takes more then him to scare me

lily i know hes never nice but well get u out of there

owen ok

she then hid as mr tod came back and turned on his cooker

mr tod a rabbit for a fox how lucky he hums as he enters his pantry to get the spices

lily wait here ive got an idea about how to save owen

peter/benjamin how

lily crept behind the jar with owen in then she took out a sharp piece of wood and cut a hole

owen thanks lily your my hero

Lily awww thanks owen she hugs him

peter owen your ok

owen yep ive just not long put a fake stuffed bunny in the jar that fox wont know whats coming

benjamin nice trick come on lets get out of here

they all crept out of the foxs lair

peter its getting dark we better head home

benjamin yeah i agree peter wait does owen have anywhere to live

owen no as im new i dont have a place to stay

lily well you are a great freind so you can come and stay with me

owen ok thanks

lily hugs owen again as his tummy growled

owen excuse me guess im hungry

lily i have lots of food left over my house

owen ok well its getting dark so bye guys

they all said bye as they left as the day ended